Endorsement from Executive Director     

As a moderate size children’s behavioral health organization, we were presented with an opportunity to apply for a fairly large Head Start/Early head Start Grant, as the previous grantee lost theirs.  Applying for such a large grant, and a federal one at that, was a daunting task for us and we knew that the only chance of being successful was to seek out and hire the most professional and knowledgeable consultant that we could find.  I can’t stress enough how fortunate we were to locate MP Consulting, and in particular, Ranelle Livingston and Jean Paulsel.  Jean and Ranelle worked diligently with us and lead us through the application process in a very structured and organized way.  They visited with us and spent many hours consulting on the phone, at all hours of the day, night and weekends.  Combined, Jean and Ranelle were a dynamic force that we became very dependent on as they were not only outstanding grant writers, but extremely knowledgeable about the Head Start Act and Performance Standards.  Together, they successfully helped as win a 7.3 million dollar grant (per year) for HS and EHS.  When we were notified of our award from the Office of Head Start, we were told that the grant was so well written and organized, they had no questions or need to negotiate anything related to the program design or grant narrative.  Our negotiation phase was strictly limited to budget issues.

Joe Shorokey
Alta Behavioral Health Care

These comments are from some of out training and/or technical assistance clients.

Here are comments from some of our grant services clients.

A private child care client:

"Our Center needed some rejuvenation and readjustment.  MPC Resources consulted with us and was able to provide everything we needed – teacher training for our new curriculum and extensive time in making sure our environments were developmentally appropriate – and extended mentoring to make sure we were on the right track!”

Diana S., Trinity Lutheran Children's Center, TX

A HS/EHS client stated:

"Due to their long standing experience working with children and families, Ranelle and Jean were able to provide our Head Start and Early Head Start program with valuable information and guidance. Through our work with MPC Resources we have been able to experience tangible program improvements."
Stacy T, Deputy Director
HS/EHS Program (TX)

​​A Comment from attendee at session titled, " Positive Climates Enrich Cognitive and Social Emotional Grow", presented at NAEYC National Conference.
"Since we as human beings act based on how we feel, we need to consider how we can create a loving environment that promotes intentional interactions. We need to think about our students in this way: if we were them and walked into our classroom, would we want to stay? This past year at the NAEYC conference in Washington, D.C., Jean and Ranelle shared with us strategies for improving our physical classroom environments by addressing the emotional spaces existing there as well. Many thanks to you both! Thanks!"
Megan C., Ph.D Student/Early Childhood
University of S. Florida

"Ranelle and Jean are a dynamic duo that really understand Head Start.  They helped us articulate in a very clear and precise  way, everything we wanted to say with the data to back it up.  They helped us to think the every inch of the grant and left no stone unturned. With their help and support we won our grant and received more than asked for.  Our grant specialist said this was one of the most well written grants that they have seen and had a clear view of what we were going to do."             Michelle D.

Head Start/Early Head Start Director